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Rose Bushes – Some Basics

Many people believe rose bushes will only thrive when planted and grown by an experienced gardener. But that’s not necessarily true.

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Floribunda Roses

1st prize single stem floribunda rose

Image by ramson via Flickr

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Roses – While I’m Alive, Please

Someone made an interesting comment about roses today.

Interesting to me, anyway.

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to believe that you’re like me, in that you love these flowers. I should issue a disclaimer here…for those of you who love carnations, no harm intended.

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Help Me Find David Austin Roses!

It’s a simple request: help me find David Austin roses! Why are so many people in search of these particular flowers?

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Roses – Plants and the Basics

For those of us who love growing roses, plants are a delight to care for and nurture right from the start. But when we simply want gorgeous flowers to accent our home, it’s sometimes simpler to buy the plants when they’re already flowering.

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