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Help Me Find Roses is dedicated to fellow rose lovers, from beginner to expert and everywhere along the spectrum. We’re here to celebrate these treasures, and to share everything we know about how to find, grow, and care for these beautiful blossoms.

And with more than 100 varieties to explore and enjoy, there’s plenty to celebrate.

For those who enjoy knowing the history of these beauties, here are a few basic background details:

Roses are members of the genus Rosa, and their classified in the Rosaceae family. As for their home of origin, most are native to Asia. There are some that are native to North America, northwest Africa, and Europe. As we know, most every rose has its thorn–and at Help Me Find Roses, we’ve pricked our fingers on more occasions than we care to admit.

They grow as trailing plants, shrubs and climbing plants. Their colors range from glorious to subdued. Reds through yellows, and elegant whites. Their beauty–both in physical appearance and fragrance–have kept these flowers among the most highly sought-after, both for special occasions and in everyday living. Although climbers can span up to 7 meters high, these plants can also be miniature and compact(1).

The earliest known cultivation of ornamental roses is believed to have taken place around 500 BC, in China, Persia (now known as Iran), and the Mediterranean regions. Since that time, thousands of hybrid varieties have been grown in gardens around the world(1).

From ancient times up to the present, roses have been symbols of love. They’ve also been used historically as symbols of peace(2). Most frequently, red and pink roses are given as a means of conveying love and romance, and yellow roses signify friendship.

In ancient Rome, roses were used to convey secrecy. When discussing confidential or private matters, a wild rose would be placed upon the door the meeting room where the discussion took place. Sub rosa,  which means “under the rose”, stemmed from this ancient tradition. Matters meant to be kept secret are also said to be sub rosa(2).

But at Help Me Find Roses, it’s no secret that we love these flowers. We hope you enjoy our site and that you’ll choose to share with us, also!

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